Found at night, this dog was tied to a tree so he couldn’t follow his owner

Sadly, many hunters in Greece treat their dog hunting partners simply as tools using them when needed and tossing them aside once they have no more use for them.

One particular dog was abandoned on a mountain and left tied to a tree at night so he couldn’t follow his owner back home. But his rescuer was on the way. The ironically named “Tool” didn’t react when approached, but it wasn’t until the next day in the light that they saw how disoriented and neglected that he truly was. The loyal companion didn’t understand how or why it had come to this.

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: The Orphan Pet via YouTube Video


The vet found that the dog had a fracture in his front leg and was also microchipped. Orphan Pet was able to get in touch with the owner and discovered that they given him up to another hunter years before because he started limping.

Sadly, this other person left the dog tied to a tree for someone else to find.


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: The Orphan Pet via YouTube Video


Tool, who now lives with his mom Lone in a forever home, has undergone an amazing transformation. He is loved and living the best life! “I love him so much it hurts,” she said. His story, told through the video below, is worth watching. It just goes to show that all some dogs need is a chance.

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