Fosters Haven’t ‘Faintest Idea’ Pittie’s Pregnant Then Births Ginormous Litter

Jesse agreed to foster a Pit Bull named Kaya, who was slated to be euthanized in a kill shelter. She was so thin that every rib showed. Jesse increased Kaya’s calories, and before long, her belly grew. He thought he was overfeeding her, but that wasn’t the case at all!


Kaya was brought to the vet, who informed Jesse and his wife, Tara, that she was pregnant. The couple was in awe! They figured she’d have a normal size litter. But the couple was in for another shock! Kaya’s foster parents readied themselves for the puppies’ birth, but even the most keen person on the planet couldn’t have prepared them for what was about to happen next!


When the time arrived, Jesse and Tara were right there to hold her paw. Kaya went into labor early in the morning. The couple expected 7-8 puppies at most and a day-long labor, but Kaya’s destiny dictated otherwise. The pup was in labor for 2.5 days straight! The dog shockingly gave birth to 16 puppies.


The couple became more attached to the Pittie, seeing Kaya as a sweet, doting mother. She took great pride in showing her babies how to play and exercise daily. Did Kaya become a foster fail? What happened to her puppies? To see how the story turns out and Kaya’s adorable litter, check out the video below!

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