Family’s 10-Yr-Old Dog ‘Breaks Out’ Of Kennel, Security Cameras Show His Great Escape

When General, a courageous 10-year-old Great Pyrenees, was boarding in Stafford, Virginia he decided to embark on an exciting journey. Security footage documented his daring escape and it’s truly remarkable!

The owner’s of General, the Houdini-esque dog, were out of town at their family gathering when they heard about his escapade. “He has an uncanny ability to open doors,” said Travis Campbell with a smile. “It isn’t surprising that he found his way free!”

Source (Screenshot) credit: Laughing Man via YouTube


The scene began with General using his snout to unlock his kennel door, prompting the neighboring pup to gaze in wonder. How did he manage that?😀

With sheer determination, General then came across the third door. This one proved to be no challenge; he bit down on the handle, pushed it open and pulled with all his might. His ingenious plan was coming together perfectly!

Source (Screenshot) credit: Laughing Man via YouTube


With a determined stride, the pup journeyed down the hallway towards his destination – third door at the end of a row filled with dog food. On the other side stood freedom! Surveillance footage captured him as he strutted out into the carpark but unfortunately, his journey ended there. 🤪

You’re doing to want to watch this GREAT ESCAPE in the video below!

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