Family Were Looking For Grandma‘s Lost Dentures, Finally Find Them In Dog’s Mouth

Luna has a very big personality. Like every other >>

Anna Carolina Lima and her fiancé saw Luna, happy puppy, in the streets of Brazil and decided to adopt her. The dog, who was adopted a few months ago, found love and comfort with her new family.

One day, Lima took Luna to her grandma’s house to see her. Lima then left the home for 2 hours during lunch time as she knew that Luna looked very comfortable with her grandma. But wasn’t expected was that Lima’s grandma decided to take her usual nap around the same time when Lima left the home.

As usual, the grandma took her dentures out and put them under the pillow before she slept. The dog saw the grandma putting the dentures under the pillow so she decided to sweep them away! The family looked for 2 hours before finding that Luna was the one who stole them!

The funny thing was that Luna welcomed Lima when she came back home with a broad smile of her grandma’s teeth! How adorable!

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