Family Were About To Adopt New Dog, But Fate Brought Them With Their Lost Dog At Shelter

Losing a dog is one of the most heartbreaking moments for any dog owner, no matter if it is to death or missing. So, when one family from Fairfax, Virginia, lost their dog, they were completely heartbroken. The family spent months looking for their dog but to no avail!

So, they decided to adopt another dog to give him support and love. However, they were not able to find the best pet for them after almost a month of going to shelters. But one day, they found their best dog by luck! They went to a shelter and did not find the dog they wanted, but when they left a shelter, one of their 3 kids saw a sign that showed a dog, that looks like Dante, their dog who went missing, was available for adoption!

So, the family went to the shelter thinking that it would be a good idea to adopt the dog as he looks like their missing dog. But when they arrived at the shelter, they were completely shocked as the dog they saw on the sign was Dante himself!

That was a great emotional, moment as the dog started jumping and wagging his tail when he saw his family! The family was more than happy to see their missing dog, and with no doubt, they decided to adopt him again! The reunion was really emotional!

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