Dog Living With Owner On Streets For Years Gets His Own Comfy Bed

A pup named Hero lived with his owner on the streets. His owner loved him very much but understood he couldn’t properly care for Hero. He surrendered him to a rescue group in California. Due to overpopulation, pets are often transported up to British Columbia. Hero was one of the lucky pets chosen so he could find his forever family.

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Sarah and her husband heard about Hero, and Sarah, who works with the homeless, felt this may just be fate. The couple went to meet the pup and Sarah knew instantly she wanted him but played it off casually to her husband so she didn’t influence his decision. But as soon as Sarah confessed that she loves him and wants him so badly, her husband chimed in right after and said he felt the exact same way.

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Now that Hero found the perfect parents, it was time to go to his forever home. Sarah describes Hero as a “velvety bag of rocks” because he’s muscular and solid but his skin squishes and folds in odd places. Hero is adorable! And his parents are understandably obsessed with him.

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Hero hates exercise of any kind. He’ll go for a walk and then wants to go right back in the house. Sarah thinks this may be because he spent so much of his time outside that his house is now the most comfortable place for him.

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The precious pup is connected to his humans on a whole other level. When Hero is scared or not feeling well, he goes into the bathroom and lays on the bath mat. That’s his safe spot. Sarah came home one day and she was having a rough time. Hero actually went into the bathroom and dragged the bath mat over to her so she could feel safe. It was incredible.

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Hero’s story is too heartwarming to miss! We are so grateful that he ended up with such a loving family and that his owner, despite his love for Hero, did the right thing. Scroll down to see more!

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