Dog Burnt With Chemicals And Thrown From Truck Is Now Living His Best Life

No one knows just where Beanz the Pit Bull mix came from — but it was clear he’d been through more than any dog ever should. 

In June, the poor dog was brought to a veterinarian with road rash and chemical burns all across his back. He was doused with chemicals and then thrown from a truck, veterinarians and an eyewitness said. 


Image: The Pittie Party of Central Florida/ Facebook

“She said that a dog was brought to their facility, and it was in a bad shape, he was burned, and he was thrown out of a vehicle,” Mayson Jones, the assistant director of The Pittie Party of Central Florida, told WOFL-TV.

Eight-month-old Beanz’s back was covered with road rash and burns, and he needed to stay at the veterinary hospital for over a week while his wounds were taken care of. 


Image: The Pittie Party of Central Florida/ Facebook

After that, he made it to the rescue, still in tender shape. Luckily, the rescue had the perfect foster family waiting for him to help him heal. They put t-shirts and doggie pajamas on Beanz to prevent him from rubbing the wounds and helped him feel extra comfortable during his recovery. 

After everything he’d been through, one would think that Beanz would nearly have lost his zest for life. But that wasn’t the case for this sweet little dog. His foster family, The Robertsons, were heart warmed at the love that Beanz had for everyone. His spirit was not broken despite the cruelties he faced.

The Robertson family realized that Beanz especially had a love for children. 


Image: The Pittie Party of Central Florida/ Facebook

“He follows me around all the time,” Isaac Robertson, 11, said. “Beanz, usually I play tug-of-war with him with his toys, and when we’re not, I sit down and watch a movie with him.”

When he isn’t playing with the kids, he absolutely loves to cuddle.

“I like how when you lay down, he doesn’t just like lay beside you,” 13-year-old Nariya Robertson added. “He comes up on top of you and tries to cuddle with you.”

By July, the Robertson family had absolutely fallen in love with Beanz. They realized that they couldn’t let him out of their lives — and decided to give him a forever home. 


Image: The Pittie Party of Central Florida/ Facebook


“Beanz wants everyone to know he is officially living his BEST LIFE!” the rescue shared on July 17, along with photos of Beanz relaxing in the pool with his new mom. 

“A few weeks ago he was known to most of you as our little burn baby… but now he is the happiest boy alive and loves to swim in the pool! He loves relaxing on a floatie… or on top of his mama,” the rescue said. 


Image: The Pittie Party of Central Florida/ Facebook

Plenty of people were overjoyed to hear that Beanz was adopted — but it’s clear that no one is happier than him and his new family. Just look at that face! Pure joy. 

H/T: Western Journal
Featured Image: The Pittie Party of Central Florida/ Facebook

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