Dog Abandoned In A Local Park To Die, With His Mangled Face & No Nostrils

Abandoning or dumping animals is never an option, but unfortunately, some people know no mercy and do this to their own pets!

A call came to the Pennsylvania SPCA in Philadelphia about a poor Pit Bull roaming around the Pennypack Park’s woods! It was obvious that the dog was abandoned by people, who didn’t even care if she passed away or lived!

So, when the rescuers arrived on the scene, they were completely shocked by what they saw as the dog had obvious injuries on her face and mouth! She’d surely perish in the park all alone if they were not there for her as she had low body posture with her eyes sunk!

So, they directly took the dog, who was named Lovie or Lavender, to the shelter to medicate her and take care of her.

Lovie’s nasal passageways were left compromised because of the abandonment, which left her unable to breathe properly! It is unknown who did that to her, but the rescuers promised to take care of her in the best way ever. We hope that she has owners, who will come for her once they see her!

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