Disabled Miniature Horse Can’t Use His Rear legs Gets Wheelchair And Runs For First Time

This story speaks about a miniature horse called Turbo who is only able to walk in a hunched position as he was born with 2 dislocated patellas, which made his rear legs un-functional.

The horse, that lives at Road to Refuge Animal Sanctuary, was saved before being murdered, according to the sanctuary, that already saves animals and treats them physically, mentally, and medically.

The founder of Road to Refuge, Megan Pereira, said that the horse is so great. She added that Turbo, who wants to live very badly, has a very adorable personality.

Walkin’ Pets, a pet mobility company that is based in New Hampshire, knew about Turbo by a post on Instagram and directly sent employees to take the measures of Turbo to create a wheelchair for him.

Thankfully, the digital media manager of Walkin’ Pets, Mikayla Feehan, said that they finally created the wheelchair.

But Turbo still needs a long way to be able to walk properly using the wheelchair, but seeing him walking on it made them very happy. Watch the video below.

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