Devious Dog Fakes a Coma to Avoid Toilet Duty in the Rain –And it’s So Cute (WATCH)

Even a T-bone steak could not have persuaded this determined dog to move a muscle.

The family pet named River was adopted from a shelter, so her breed is a mystery. It is believed, however, that she is part Australian Shepherd—and may be part border collie—so it’s not surprising that she is craftier than the average pup.

When it gets late and bedtime is approaching, River gets her instruction to go out for her nightly toilet duties. Normally, she doesn’t mind and trots obediently out the door to visit the grass and trees on the property, and returns a few minutes later to settle in for the night.

But she doesn’t like the rain at all, and on this night she devised a scheme to avoid going out into the weather.

When she’s told to go outside, she rolled over on her back and pretended to be dead, or sleeping, or in a coma—but lying completely still. River wouldn’t budge for anything.


Her owner even tried flattery, but in the end, he just shoved her across the shiny floor towards the door, to her dismay.

Watch the video for a guaranteed chuckle, as River feigns paralysis to avoid going out in the rain…

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