Dalmatian Dog Mistakes Group Of Spotted Horses As His Biological Family

Black-and-white patterns are the easiest colors for dogs to see. So, when Jack Sparrow, a Dalmatian, sees any animal that is as the same pattern as his, he directly considers them family no matter if they are not dogs.

The dog has considered himself a member of a horse family that their pattern is black and white. He is even a part of the Human & Horse Academy in the Netherlands! Jack Sparrow directly bonded with a Shetland pony called Napoleon, 5, and an Appaloosa stallion called Nevada, 9, who both have the black-and-white pattern!

Jack Sparrow never leaves the horses’ side as he even joins them when they’re riding with humans or doing tricks. However, Jack Sparrow does not care about the other horses, who also have the same pattern as he just fell in love with Napoleon and Nevada.

Despite having another Dalmatian in the farm, Jack Sparrow still loves the horses more than anything as he still believes that they are his own family! How hilarious! Watch the video below.

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