Chloe Shook And Cried In Corner But Won’t Leave The Place She Hates

When Chloe came to the shelter, she completely shut down. She would lie in a corner shaking. She didn’t want to eat or interact with anyone. Her experience was beyond heartbreaking. The shelter volunteers did their best to reach her, but Chloe didn’t trust them. She was too petrified to accept anyone.

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: TheDodo via YouTube Video


The shelter wanted to get her out of that environment as quickly as possible so they searched for a foster. Davrish was referred to them and he seemed to be the perfect fit. It was quite the ordeal of transferring Chloe to his home. Even though she hated the shelter, she didn’t want to leave. She was led on a leash towards Davrish but then kept turning back to her old cage. 

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: TheDodo via YouTube Video


Finally, Chloe got into the car with a rescue worker and Davrish. What happens in the backseat with the volunteer is quite incredible. It was a sign that the pup was already making progress. Once Chloe is at her foster home, things slowly began to change. It was quite the process, but you will be blown away once you witness it yourself! 


Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: TheDodo via YouTube Video


It’s stories like this one that really tugs at those heartstrings. We are so happy that Chloe’s past is behind her… for good!


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