Caring Nurse Adopts Terminally Sick Dying Dog So He Doesn’t Have To Go To Shelter

Finding a home for dogs, whose owners die is something very hard. However, angels are always there to save the day, and that’s exactly what happened with one dog, whose owner was on the brink of death for being terminally ill.

The nurse, who was taking care of the dog’s owner, had conversations with her about the dog and his future. The owner was advised to take the dog to a shelter as she had no on one, who can take care of him. Anyway, the owner refused as she believed that her dog deserved a home.

That’s when the nurse came up with a great idea, which was adopting the dog. The owner was completely relaxed after knowing that her dog would have a forever home.

She then died peacefully. The nurse, who also had Daisy Award for extraordinary nurses, said that the dog is now comfortable! How awesome!

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