Bonded dogs split apart when dachsund is abandoned after being adopted together

Dogs often develop a connection to other animals and people. So, when they are separated, it can create a stressful situation for everyone involved. When OJ and Blue Dozer were taken in by Richmond Animal Care and Control the understanding was that they would be adopted out together.

Instead, their story took a more dramatic turn.

Best friends

OJ, who is blind, relies on Blue Dozer to guide him through life. OJ, a 12-year-old Dachshund, and Blue Dozer, a 6-year-old pit bull, have grown to rely on each other and have become best friends over their lifetime together. Unfortunately, not everyone has their best interest at heart.

“OJ is blind and depends on Dozer to show him around. We can’t stand the cuteness and kindness these two share,” the shelter wrote on its Facebook page.

They are adopted together

Imagine the happiness of shelter staff when someone was found to adopt both of them together. But as it turned out, the woman who adopted the pair only had her sights set on Blue Dozer. OJ was sadly found wandering on a rural road 100 miles from the shelter.

Their adoption turns bad

The shelter that took him in, Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center, was able to determine where he belonged due to his microchip. After tracking down the woman who had adopted him, shelter staff were told that she didn’t want him, and only wanted Blue Dozer. Of course, Richmond Animal Care and Control was notified.

The public was critical of both the shelter and the adopter

As word spread about what had happened, people started voicing their concerns about the separation. As with many such stories, negativity started to creep in and the shelter was bombarded with criticism. In addition, the adopter was sent threats leading the shelter to respond on Facebook:

“We very much appreciate the outpouring of community support but want to be very clear about a few details. First, we do not support any act of violence or threat of violence towards anyone. Ever. The only thing that matters is these sweet dogs get to stay together and in the end that is what we have. I will delete posts made on this page that are mean or harmful. Our work is about love and compassion for animals -please extend that kindness to humans.”

The woman agreed to return Blue Dozer

It was at this point that someone with the shelter approached the woman to try and get her to return Blue Dozer. Eventually, she agreed and the two best friends were reunited. As soon as they saw each other again, they snuggled together.

Richmond Animal Care and Control

“RACC is an open admission shelter with a 91% save rate and we adopt thousands of animals a year into loving homes without issue,” they wrote. “Our practices, adoption policy, and choices to make adoptions are done in the best interest of each animal. We cannot account for decisions that are made by citizens after adoption and work diligently to keep our open adoption process successful. In the end, we have to trust people – trust them to love the pets we have cared for, and trust them to do what is best.”

The pair were finally found a home

The shelter set about finding the pair another home that would adopt both of them, which they were eventually able to do. For more on the Richmond Animal Care and Control, visit the organization’s Facebook page.

You can find out more about OJ and Blue Dozer’s story in the video below.

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