Blue-Eyed Cat Hops Onto Girl’s Lap In Wheelchair And Chooses Her To Be His Family

This story speaks about a white tomcat called Richey who has pretty eyes that are blue. Unfortunately, life has been so hard with the cat, who spent many years on streets till he was taken in by a local animal shelter.

Richey has always been friendly in the shelter since he came in. Everyone at the shelter knew that he would find the perfect place as he is so cute and sweet. It took a lot of time, but no one showed any interest to him. Thankfully, everything changed when a family came in looking for a cat for their girl, who uses an electric wheelchair.

Unfortunately, Kiley, the girl, met many cats while looking to adopt one, but all of them were scared when they saw the wheelchair. However, that’s was not the case for Richey! The cat just fell in love with the girl from the first sight! He even jumped on her lap once he saw her.

So, Kiley’s family directly adopted the cat. Now, Kiley and Richey are having a great life together, they do not leave each other. They are really best friends. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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