Blinded Dog Howled For Days In Flood While Bombs Went Off Around Him

Devastating flooding hit Ukraine, costing humans and animals their lives. Love Furry Friends took a raft to travel through the flooded wreckage, hoping to find survivors. The area isn’t just underwater; it is littered with land mines floating on the surface. But these rescuers weren’t deterred. They knew they were needed more than ever!


Their rescue efforts pay off! They quickly find three dogs waiting for help, howling and barking. The dogs are brought to safety. As they continued their search, they spotted a dog standing alone on a cement building. He climbed down to the floating debris when he heard the boat approach. The poor boy was covered in fuel and open wounds. The fuel got in his eyes and he struggled to see. At this point, he was mostly blind.


The dog was safe, but then the area was under attack once again. As people were trying to evacuate, shells were exploding all around them. Despite the danger, volunteers continued to save as many lives as possible. A vet clinic agreed to take the dogs in at midnight even though it was past the mandated curfew.


The pups are now under medical care, where they will be looked after by the vet, his staff, and volunteers with Love Furry Friends. We are so grateful these lives were spared!

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