Baby Cow Gets to Take Her First Steps, Thanks to a Wheelchair Made Just For Her

This adorable calf has been able to take her first steps, thanks to a custom-made wheelchair that was donated to her.


Ruby Sue was born with her back legs fused together and would have been euthanized if it wasn’t for animal lovers at the ‘Safe in Austin Rescue’ ranch in Texas.

Vets discovered that despite her disability Ruby Sue was happy, healthy, and pain-free. She just needed something to help her walk.

That’s when experts at the pet mobility company Walkin’ Pets stepped in to save the day.

“With only her front legs to support her, Ruby was unable to stand or walk on her own” said Jennifer Pratt, Marketing Manager for the New Hampshire-based company.

The team at Walkin’ Pets decided to donate a custom-made chair to the two-week old calf, so she can run on the grass with her furry friends at the Safe in Austin Rescue.


“Because of these wheels, Ruby Sue is able to stand on her own, allowing her to get the exercise she needs to strengthen her front legs and learn how to walk for the very first time,” added Jennifer.


For the last 20 years, Walkin’ Pets has been helping animals to walk, run, and play with their nifty inventions.

Each wheelchair is equipped with sturdy wheels and soft bands that support the pet—no matter what their size.

As the years have progressed, the company has expanded the capabilities of their wheelchairs to accommodate ducks, chickens, and even tortoises around the world.

Rear wheelchairs, which are built similarly to training-wheels, can range anywhere from $150 to $400 depending on the size of the animal.


Reps at the company say they’ve made a commitment to design wheelchairs that provide a high quality of life for every animal, regardless of whether it quacks, barks, or—in this case—moos.

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