Abandoned Puppy Followed Us Home And We Let Him In

Abandoned Puppy Followed Us Home And We Let Him In In Bulgaria a lot of people abandon puppies and kittens on the streets. And all those animals need help. This isn’t the first abandoned puppy we meet and sadly it won’t be the last. We will help him find adopters and loving home.



As a dog owner myself, this touched my heart deeply. My faith in humanity continues to grow with videos like this. Brings a tear of joy in my heart. Hope you guys take care of the pup!
This little one obviously had a long journey. Choosing a dog is one thing, but having a dog choose you is something quite special. This one chose right. After his bath, sitting on the towel, he was obviously so tired that all he wanted to do was sleep–without stress, without worrying about being outside, without love. Thank you to the people who took him in. He’s beautiful.

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