Abandoned dog was admitted to an animal shelter and made an amazing recovery after a week.nam

A pet dog living on the road was infected with mange. It’s possible that we shouldn’t put ourselves in danger by letting him go away and continuing on without giving him treatment. Therefore, we decided to use a net to bring him in.

On the very first day, he appeared so beaten down and inwardly focused. It was obvious that a very long period had passed since he had been touched. We gave him treatment for his dehydration. On day 10, his skin had actually finished the process of completely healing. In addition, he ended up being perfectly fine after going through about two months worth of intensive treatment.


The sick animal appeared to be ready to pass away when rescuers from Animal Help United found him laying slumped over and also withdrawn near a motorway in India. When the ailing dog was brought into the animal shelter, it was clear that he had suffered from severe amnesia and had been suffering from a major illness.

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