A puppy who loves to go for a walk does something surprising to not come home

This is what he does to not come home 😆

Many dogs are fascinated by the time for a walk, whether it is to the park, to the mall, or anywhere as long as it is away from home. Some enjoy it so much that sometimes they don’t want to go home. This happened with a little friend who likes to go for a walk, but when they had to return from the park, he did something that everyone on social networks fell in love with.

In Australia, some cameras managed to capture a video of a very witty little dog named Vincent. This puppy was face up in the middle of people walking on the road. For what reason?

Simply, Vincent had gone for a walk with his owner, and since he did not want to return, he was adopting this attitude. So by doing so, he caught the attention of many people.

Apparently, Vincent plays dead when it’s time to leave the park. In this way, in the shared publication, you can see his owner trying to convince him to return home with him.

Although his owner tries to buy him some sweets, this puppy is too cunning and does not give up. Thus, Vincent manages to buy more time when he goes for a walk with his owner, and manages to stay longer in the park.

This whole situation managed to give Vincent a lot of popularity on social networks. Where the video was shared by Nicola Booth, reaching many views among thousands of users.

Vincent loves to go for walks, and does his best to convince his owner to stay longer. Maybe one of our pets is that witty. But it is worth having such tender and affectionate animals, which are capable of brightening our day with their antics.

Did you like the video of the puppy who loves to go for a walk? He shares his story with others. Thus, they will also enjoy the funny occurrences of Vincent.


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