A Dog Rescued From a Ledge 50 Feet Above a Colorado Creek Had Been Missing for Weeks

Jessie Lee, a dog that had gone missing for two weeks, was recently discovered stranded on a precarious perch in the Pike’s Peak region of Colorado. While her owners diligently searched for her every day, they never could have imagined their lost pet would ever wind up in such a scary spot.

Animal Law Enforcement (ALE, a division of Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region) was first alerted to the pooch’s presence by a hiker who’d spotted her on a ledge about 50 yards up the cliffside bordering Fountain Creek.

Two officers, Johnson and Barker—how perfect is that name?—were quickly dispatched to the locale. Using binoculars, the pair pinpointed Jessie Lee’s location and launched a daring rescue.

Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region/Facebook

“Our law enforcement team went out there…to assess the situation [and] make sure it was even a dog the person was seeing on the cliff because they were looking from a distance… We wanted to make sure we could come back and get the tools that were necessary to rescue the dog,” HSPPR Public Relations and Content Specialist Cody Costra told KOAA News 5.

After determining it was indeed a doggo at risk, the officers were able to borrow climbing equipment from a local resident. To implement the retrieval process, Officer Barker first secured a rope to a sturdy wooden fencepost atop the cliff, then rappelled down the side of the ravine, getting as close to Jessie Lee as she dared.

Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region/Facebook

While it was clear from Jessie Lee’s wagging tail the pooped pup was certainly glad someone had finally come for her, with the ground crumbling beneath her paws as she inched toward Officer Barker’s outstretched arms, it was also apparent there wasn’t any solid footing to be had.

Using a catch-pole lowered to her by Officer Johnson, Officer Barker was luckily able to secure the pup around her neck and shoulders.

“This allowed Officer Barker to slowly pull the dog closer without the risk of losing her if she fell,” HSPPR reported. “Once the pup was finally in the arms of Officer Barker, Officer Johnson lowered a secondary rope which was securely tied into a makeshift harness for the dog. Officer Johnson quickly pulled up the dog and Officer Barker shortly after.”

With a “Woof!” of relief, the mission was declared a resounding success.


Jessie Lee was quickly whisked back to HSPPR, where she was easily identified by her microchip and name tag.

HSPPR immediately notified her relieved and grateful pet parents who showed up bright and early the next day to take their cherished fur baby home, bringing this episode of Animal Rescue: The Extreme Edition to its pawsomely happy conclusion.

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