4 Stray Dogs Block Traffic, Drivers Realize They’re Protecting Body Of Their Friend Hit By A Car

Stray dogs often travel in packs because they feel safest and most comfortable with their fellow canines. They build tight bonds with one another through shared experiences of living on the streets and consequently become quite loyal to one another.

One video from China captures a moment of unbelievable loyalty from a group of dogs. In Lanzhou, central China, a dog was hit by a car and died instantly. A video from the scene shows a pack of four dogs surrounding the body of their deceased friend, causing traffic to swerve and come to a halt.


Image/Story Source Credit: Ewan Hayward via YouTube Video


The dog’s pals try to persuade him back up as if they don’t realize that their buddy is dead. It’s incredible to watch these dogs risk their lives to assist their companion. You might question whether these dogs are genuinely distressed or are there for some other purpose. According to research mentioned in Psychology Today, however, dogs do grieve both their owners and other dogs.


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