18-Year-Old Senior Dog Went Missing For 3 Years, Finally Returns Home

An eighteen-year-old dog arrived at a community animal shelter called Dorchester Paws severely malnourished and matted. The dog’s nails were overgrown, he was covered in fleas, and his teeth were rotting.

The staff members directly rushed to help the dog as he was in desperate need of immediate help. The dog was checked for a microchip, and it was found that the dog, whose name was Binky, had a family who was 6 hours away from the shelter.

The manager of Dorchester Paws Pet Support Department, Lanea Wilson, said that despite being a heart-wrenching story, but Binky’s story shows us the importance of microchips.

It turned out that Binky had gone missing before 3 years. It was a happy ending for everyone, the dog, the shelter, and the owners.

Wilson said that they were very happy to help reunite the dog with his family. They even sent the dog with a volunteer to his family in a 6-hour trip! Watch the video below.

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