“World’s Saddest Dog” Loses Her Home Again, And She Might Be Put To Sleep Soon

This story speaks about a dog, who was known as the saddest dog in the world for being rejected in her kennel in 2015. Lana, the dog, was about to be euthanized, but she was adopted just in time by a family. Unfortunately, it did not work very well to her as she was surrendered again to the shelter by the family who adopted her.

snapping at her human mama was the reason why she was surrendered to the shelter again. You can’t blame her as she had bad memories of being neglected.

Anyway, the shelter was able to find another forever home for Lana, but she did not last there too long as the family who adopted her wanted a funny dog, said the founder of Rescue Dogs Suit, Brenda Dobranski.

The shelter said that Lana is in general a funny dog, but she isn’t the dog that will allow you give her belly rubs. However, she might be euthanized of she doesn’t find the forever home with people who can treat her very well till May 20. We hope that she gets adopted just in time.

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