Woman Takes Off Her Own Jacket And Gives It To Her Dog To Keep Him Warm

An adorable gesture by a woman at Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, was seen by Kristina Hollie who was waiting for her bus there. Kristina saw the woman taking her coat off to cover her dog in the cold weather.

Actually, the dog’s owner was going inside the local post office, where dogs are not allowed to be inside. So, when the woman saw that her dog shivering waiting outside, she directly took off her coat and gave it to her dog to keep him warm.

The woman then closed the zip-up to keep the dog cozy and warm.

You can see that the dog is really adorable in the coat, as everyone saw him stopped to have a closer look. Kristina adds that this scene made her day even brighter.

Actually, this woman shows us how pet owners should treat their pets. We hope that pet owners treat their pets just like this woman.

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