Woman Finds A Mysterious Garbage Bag And Left Speechless When She Looks Inside

A message text came to Tania Isenstein, the chairman of Animal Lighthouse Rescue, about a trash bag with babies!

The trash bag was found by the executive director of Animal Lighthouse Rescue’s sister-shelter, Liza Arias. There were 7 newborn pups in the bag, but thankfully, all of them were alive. Sharday Villahermosa, El Faro’s lead vet technician, took the pups to take care of them as they needed 24/7 care to keep their immune systems good.

Despite taking care of many other rescue dogs, Villahermosa did her best to take care of these pups. Isenstein said that she wished that the community has more people like Villahermosa, who dedicates her life to take care of animals in need.

Isenstein said that it is expected that the pups will be available for adoption in June once they are completely ready.

They will first be moved to the New York City area, where they should have forever homes.

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