Tulsa Detective Rescues Pit Bull & Her 8 Puppies From Trash Dump

A Tulsa Police Detective was shocked to discover a skinny Pit Bull and her eight newborn puppies living in a trash pile. Being a devoted dog lover, she knew she had to take action to save their lives.

Marnie Waller of the Tulsa Police Department spotted a skinny pup wandering the area near her husband’s work. Unable to get this furry friend off her mind, she decided to investigate.


Image Source/Credit: Human Society of Tulsa and NewsOn6.com


After a bit of searching, Marnie and her husband discovered that she was living in the trash at a nearby dump. They wanted nothing more than to help her, but the nervous pup was afraid of their friendship.

“On the weekends we would go over and continue to feed and friend her and we realized she was living in a trash dump.” – Marnie Waller

From that moment on, Marnie made it her mission to befriend the terrified Pit Bull in hopes of one day rescuing her. She went to the dump frequently to leave her food, teaching the Pittie that she meant no harm. Once the dog trusted Marnie enough to allow her a closer look, it was clear that she was very pregnant.


Image Source/Credit: Human Society of Tulsa and NewsOn6.com


Marnie knew that it was more important than ever to capture the pregnant pup. She didn’t want the puppies to be raised in such a dangerous environment, let alone watch momma fight to survive yet another day.

Though her goal was to gain her trust before the puppies were born, time was not on her side. When she returned to the dump for her next visit, all eight puppies were born and scattered throughout a trash pile. Marnie knew today was the day to bring the family to safety.

With the help of the Sapulpa Police and Sapulpa Animal rescue, the team began their rescue mission. They dug through the germ-filled trash pile, scooping up the day-old puppies one by one. All eight pups were freed from their heartbreaking reality, shifting the focus to momma’s rescue.


Image Source/Credit: Human Society of Tulsa and NewsOn6.com


Thankfully, the team was able to capture the skinny Pit Bull and bring the entire family to the Humane Society Of Tulsa. It’s as if the exhausted mother knew it was time to give up the fight and allow her family to be saved.

“We want to say a huge thank you to Liz and Marnie over at the Tulsa Police Department for saving these sweet babies and their mom. It brings us great happiness that we can help rehabilitate them and provide shelter out of the hot sun.” – Humane Society Of Tulsa

The family is now under the care of the Humane Society’s vet team and will be heading to their foster home soon. We can’t wait to watch this adorable pack grow as the days go on and watch them find the forever families they each deserve.

Image Source/Credit: Human Society of Tulsa and NewsOn6.com


“It just worked out great that they are going to get their best forever homes now, I hope.” – Marnie Waller

We send our thanks to Marnie and her husband for working so hard to save mom and her puppies and to everyone involved in their care going forward!

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