Tiny Puppy Rescued From Dumpster Has Just Begun His Fight To Survive

A call came to Paw Squardon about poor pups, who were thrown away at a dumpster, so, they directly went to the scene to help them. But they did not have an idea about where the dumpster was, so, they searched the whole area.

While searching one of the dumpsters, they heard a pup crying. The pup was the only surviving and he was in an immediate need of help. He was left with nothing to eat or drink, and it was very sunny day.

Fortunately, the rescuers took the puppy and gave him food and water. They then took him back to their shelter to treat him. They gave him a warm bath.

He then met a new doggy friend, who would replace him a little bit of what he lost. He really found a great comfort with his new friend. Unfortunately, the puppy was very sick to the point he was not able to hold his food!

So, they directly took him to a veterinary clinic, where they knew that he had a fever that affected him badly. But after the results came out, they knew that he’d stay in the ICU as he had coronavirus and parvo. In this case, his surviving chances were too low!

However, the rescuers did their best to save the puppy, but unfortunately, he did not survive! The rescuers were deeply sad as they did what they could but it was too late! Watch the video below.

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