Tiny horse abandoned by mum for being too small is now best friends with three dogs

Peabody the horse bonding with one of his new doggy friends
Peabody the horse bonding with one of his new doggy friends (Image: Faith San Severino/SWNS)

A tiny horse who was abandoned by his mother because he was too small to reach her udder is now living a life of luxury indoors – and he has three dog best friends.

Now six weeks old, Peabody is smaller than most dogs and weighs just 19 pounds.

He was rescued by miniature horse trainer Faith Smith after his original owners told her that a vet had suggested having him euthanised after he didn’t wean from his mother, Team Dogs reports.


Peabody’s jaw was out of line, he was unable to walk, and he was thought to be was deaf and blind.

He is now settling into life at Faith’s home with her three French bulldogs – and they are now the best of friends.

Faith, 55, said: “Peabody is the smallest horse in the world at his age.

“Horses are never indoor animals, but Peabody is so small that he could never live outside unless he gets bigger, and we’re not sure if he will.

“At present, he lives inside the house with his unlikely best friend dogs.”

When Faith first brought Peabody into her home the young mini horse was a bit nervous around her French bulldogs.


She said: “In the beginning, he was really in survival mode. He was just too scared for love. But he gets along with the dogs now.

“Now that he knows where his next meal is coming from, he’s starting to play with the dogs more and has let his guard down.”

Since his adoption, Peabody’s head has grown and his jaw has aligned.

Peabody the tiny horse with his new owner Faith Smith
Peabody the tiny horse with his new owner Faith Smith (Image: FaithSanSeverino/Adam Smith/SWNS)

He has also learned to walk and can see perfectly fine, and despite being deaf, Peabody has adjusted well to his new owner.

Faith, from San Diego, California, is also working on getting Peabody toilet trained.

She said: “I’ll keep him forever, but I hope he gets bigger so he can go out with other horses.

“Otherwise, he’s just gonna be a house horse.”

“He’s thinking now maybe he’ll be cared for in a way that he’ll survive.”



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