This Is The Tiny Bird Which Looks Like A White Ball Of Cotton With Wings

Birds are among the most beautiful creatures in the world for having soft, colorful feathers, and pretty look. However, there is uncountable number of species, and each one of them has its own features.

Tiny birds were seen in the 2nd largest island in Japan, and they went viral for their unique look. They look like balls of floof with wings! When you see them, you may think that they are cotton candy!

In Japenese, these birds, that can only be found in this island, are known as Shima enaga, and in English, they are long-tailed tits.

These birds are so special for many great features such as laying seven to ten eggs at a time, performing acrobatic tricks, moving in flocks of twenty to thirty, having a complete white face, and measuring 13-15cm long with a tail that is almost half of that. Furthermore, they have black eyebrows, that are lost when they are adult.

To be honest, these long-tail birds are one of most beautiful creatures on earth. We hope that this species lasts forever. How beautiful they are!

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