The moving image of the rescued dog, deeply grateful with a kiss given to the brave firefighter, is truly a sight full of meaning and affection.w

Jeff Nawfel, the captain of Wells Fire Department, was tasked with the challenge of soothing a husky and gaining its confidence to safely return it back inside a house in Maine, USA. Dogs have been recognized for their unwavering loyalty and their potential to assist humans in various circumstances. Their assistance has also lessened the burden of household chores and outdoor tasks in rural areas.

Every now and then, our furry friends require assistance from their human counterparts to tackle obstacles. A charming husky dog was recently seen in Wells, Maine, USA, and it seems like this is one of those instances.

As per a video shared by the Wells Police Department on their Facebook page, a dog was found tied to the rooftop of his residence and couldn’t move or react to his owners’ calls for assistance.

According to reports, a firefighter earned the trust of a dog by climbing onto the rooftop and calming it down. Eventually, the firefighter carried the animal through the window and back to safety in the fireplace. Before going inside, the dog showed its gratitude by giving the firefighter a kiss on the cheek.

The author expressed his gratitude to all those who offered their assistance in rescuing somebody. The incident took place in 2018.

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