Sympathetic Husky Stops To Help Every Person Living On The Streets

Sora is a beautiful Husky with a heart of gold. His dad is amazed by how intuitive his dog is. When Sora sees a person in distress, he runs to them, eager to help. The first man Sora encounters in the video has trouble walking. The sensitive pup insists on escorting the homeless man to the bus stop—the Husky barks and runs in circles while leading the man to his destination.


Sora’s good deeds don’t stop with one man, he consistently tries to help others living on the streets of Paris. His dad, Thibault, follows Sora closely to ensure no one is afraid of him or his actions. The pup has opened his dad’s heart to the plight of homelessness.


You may remember Sora from his encounters with Bruno, a man living in a tent. Even though Thibault tried to lead Sora away from Bruno, he insisted on staying with him and giving him the love and affection he craved. Thibault learned more about Bruno’s situation and decided to be more like his dog and help the displaced man find a place to stay.

This story is a lesson to us all! Never make assumptions, and don’t be afraid to lend a helping hand… or in this case, a paw! To meet Sora and witness his amazing doggy heart, scroll on down.

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