Stray Dog Becomes a Fierce Crossing Guard for These Children Every Day – WATCH

A stray dog in the country of Georgia has appointed himself as the local crossing guard for young children crossing a busy intersection.

Every morning, he strongly discourages drivers from encroaching upon the crosswalk by barking wildly at them until the kids, who cross hand-to-hand with their teacher, have made it across.

“He’s a very serious boy. He never goes to other streets,” said Tamta, who is part of the community that takes care of Kupata the dog. Kupata, by the way, is Georgian for ‘sausage’.

According to ecstatic YouTube commenters, this particular ‘sausage’ is an Australian shepherd—it’s his breed that may have given him his instincts to go running up and down beside the little boys and girls he cares for.

Tamta explained that her friend Beqa videotape Kupata’s work in order to help show that stray dogs are not as dangerous as old customs would have people believe.


“Kupata is the lucky one because we all take care of him, but there are other dogs that aren’t lucky—that don’t have shelter, they don’t have food,” explains Tamta. “This is a problem in our country.”


Hopefully footage like this one will help others to see strays differently.

(WATCH the video for this story below.)


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