Stray Cat Chases A Stranger In Parking Lot And Begs Him For Adoption

A grey cat has caught attention of a man called Jason Belisha when he was heading to a rental store to return a rental car. The cat was crying for help, so, the man stopped to see if he could help it.

Once the cat saw him, it ran towards him and rubbing its face all over him and sniffing his hands. It was obvious that the cat just wanted to be loved and cared.

Seeing that made Jason take the cat home with him as it captured his heart. The cat was named Popeye and was introduced to Jason’s corgi dog. Thankfully, they became best friends and created a cute bond. Jason then decided to adopt the cat permanently after just having it for a week as he directly fell in love with it.

Popeye is now having a great life with a great owner and a great doggy friend. What a happy ending! Watch the video below.

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