Stranded Dog Wags His Tail With Joy as Fire Crews Rescue Him From Sheer Cliff Face–WATCH

A stranded dog’s tail would not stop wagging with joy as fire crews reached his perilous perch, and rescued him from a sheer cliff face.

The video below captured the heartwarming moment.

Firefighters at Temple Fire Station in Bristol, England, were called out to Yate Quarry after the spaniel fell into the quarry.

Assisting was the Avon & Somerset Police’s drone squad, which could find the dog and transmit pictures back to the crews up at the top of the cliff. Eventually, a firefighter was winched with a harness and lowered halfway down the side of the steep quarry to rescue the stranded pup.

Footage captured from the drone shows the 9-month-old black and white springer spaniel perched precariously on a steep ledge, where it had fallen after tumbling down from the walking path while on an evening stroll with its owners.

A photo of the scene shows how the dog had fallen at least 30 feet—forcing firefighters to employ a large winching system to support a rappelling rescue worker.


Avon and Somerset Drone Team – SWNS


Thankfully, the dog only suffered minor injuries with a broken leg.

Avon & Somerset Police’s drone squad posted a video of the April incident on its @AFRSTemple social pages, saying.

“Look at that tail wagging.”


“Wishing the little pup a swift recovery.”

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