Starving Stray Dog Begs Man For Some Food, But He Gets New Life Instead

This story speaks about a tiny puppy Stuart Little, who was left to fend for himself in the streets of LA after his previous owners moved away! The dog spent 3 months looking for his owners, but to no avail!

When the dog was not able to continue looking for his family, the dog just wanted to get food. So, he approached the people begging them for help. One day, the dog went to a local cop asking for food. He did the normal thing he used to do with other strangers, but this time, it was a life-changing moment!

Seeing that the puppy needed an immediate help, the police officer called the founder of Logan’s Legacy Rescue, Suzette Hall for help. So, she directly went to the location to help the dog, who was very happy to be rescued despite being exhausted!

Hall said that the dog slept in her lap the whole night! The rescuer then took the dog to the veterinary clinic for a check-up, and they found no serious illnesses, but just being covered in fleas and underweight. So, the dog was completely ready to go to a forever home, or at least a foster home.

Stuart Little was fostered. He is ready to go to a forever home, but still waiting it. He is now having a great life in the foster home along with a pup sibling, whom he loves so much. Briefly, he loves everything in his foster home! We hope that he finds his forever home soon.

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