Rescued Pit Bull Talks Back To Her Mom Non-Stop

Maisy was alone, neglected, and failed as a backyard breeder when she was dumped at a shelter and left to die.

The unwanted dog had lived alone in her outdoor kennel for three years. Since she could never get pregnant, her owners had no use for her. It seemed as though she had little hope but fate had other plans.

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Marisa Elbert recently helped her 13-year-old pit bull to the Bridge and had lost her father and mother all within a year. She was struggling with grief when a family friend took notice of Maisy’s shelter photo and tagged Marisa on it.

When Marisa saw Maisy’s picture, she felt like she was sent to her by her parents and previous dog. So, she went to meet Maisy and when she did, she knew she had to bring her home.

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So, she adopted Maisy and the dog was delighted to be with her. Maisy was ecstatic to be adopted but also overwhelmed because she had never lived inside a home before. Now she had a home, toys, and even a cat friend who adored her.

As time passed, it turned out that Maisy is a fun-loving goofy girl who lives to play. But she also likes to chat all day and talks back to her mom. She goes “woo, woo, woo” all day long and has something to say about everything.

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Maisy needed her new mom but her mom also needed her. After all the loss, Maisy turned out to help heal her mom’s heart and became a bright spot in her life. Maisy helped cheer her up and heal her heart.

But Marissa did the same for Maisy and taught the neglected dog what love is. With her, Maisy learned how to enjoy being a dog and her personality began to shine. Marisa said her parents would have loved Maisy, too.

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Maisy is an adorable light in the world and never deserved to live alone in a backyard. But thankfully, those days are over and now she has a loving owner, kitty to love, and horse friends, too. She has a lot to be thankful for and says so all the time-woo woo.

Maisy is truly a marvel, and her beautiful soul is a treasure. Despite her neglect, she was willing to accept love and became the best friend of her new mom. We hope you enjoyed her sweet rescue story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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