Rain-Soaked Puppy Approaches Kind Man Wagging His Tail But His Trauma Is Bigger Than He Is

We Saved A Puppy, a rescue group, received a call about a poor little pup, that was found alone, and soaking wet. The small puppy, that was so hungry, like greeting people by running in the roads, which means that getting hit by a vehicle was just a matter of time.

Thankfully, the rescue group was able to rescue the dog in the pouring rain, and they called him Stormy because of that. They gave him water and food as he was starving.

They then took the dog, that was covered in fleas, to the veterinarian, who found that Stormy’s blood was anemic because of not having a proper diet, and the flea infestation. So, they gave him medication and dewormed for anemia.

They then gave him a flea bath, and they found out that he is so sweet. He was then dressed in a nice dinosaur onesie to stay warm.

They then started their way to find a forever home for him by posting his photo online. Thankfully, he was adopted by a great woman. How lucky!

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