Pug Puppy Melts Hearts Of Millions When Falls In Love With A Statue That Looks Just Like Her

I think that all of us love spending time with ourselves as we can find peace and silence. But this is not only for people as dogs can also love spending time on their own and the dog in this story is a perfect example.

Maggie, the dog loves Willow and Merlin, her older siblings, but she also loves the statue that looks just like her. Her mama, Kamerin Bazemore, said that her dog loves spending time with the statue as she is a special dog. Bazemore adopted Maggie to add some youthful energy to her other dogs, Willow, 10, who started showing signs of loneliness and Merlin, 14, who started having some health issues.

In addition to take the rule to keep her siblings safe, Maggie brought nonstop laughs to her parents. Maggie takes care of her siblings in the best way ever as she helps Merlin, who is completely blind, to keep safe by keeping him away from the pool and the fence. Whenever Merlin is away at the veterinary clinic, Maggie hangs out with Willow, her sister.

Anyway, any creature in this world needs time to themselves, and that’s the thing with Maggie who also loves curling up her beloved ceramic statue. Bazemore said that since the first arrival of Maggie’s statue on her 1st birthday party, Maggie always spends time with it as she concerns it her twin.

Bazemore added that it was a great idea that Maggie really loves it. How hilarious! Watch the video below.

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