Owners Returned Dog To Shelter After 4 Months Because She Wants To Sleep In Their Bed

Unfortunately, some people return pets to the shelters for many reasons such as being seniors, but I have never heard that owners return a dog to the shelter as it wanted to sleep in bed with them. That’s exactly what happened with Twinkle, a Chihuahua mix, who was returned to the shelter after being adopted for 4 months!

Before Twinkle was adopted, she was found in desperate need of help in the streets of Miami. She had severe dental issues, mammary tumors, a terrible skin infection that caused most of her fur to be missed. Twinkle, whose weight is just 3.5 pounds, was treated for her medical issues and was adopted by a couple.

Unfortunately, they returned her back to the shelter as she slept with them in the bed. The poor dog is now looking for a forever home with owners who let her sleep with them in the bed. We hope that she will find the forever home she deserves soon to spend her golden years in it. Watch the video below.

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@trueandfaithful Poor Twinkle?Twinkle is in Venice Fl, is potty trained, fully vetted. MUST be allowed to sleep in bed!! She is a sweet as a button but sometimes will squeak when you pick her up. Email/dm us for the adoption application ❤️‍? #chihuahua #mix #adoptme #rescuedog ♬ Young – Vacations

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