Missing Dog Takes Over Police Station While Searching For His Owners

A dog called Tate got lost from his parents in the US, but he completely knew what to do as he directly to a police station. No one can doubt that having a pup in a police station will make the atmosphere full of tenderness, mischief, and happiness. So, when the officers saw the dog, they were very happy to help him.

Tate’s owners tried to find him, but to no avail, so, they contacted the police station in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, to report about their missing dog. Everything went completely right as the dog himself went to the police station.


The dog tried to tell the officers that he was missing, but they already had information about him. So, it was very easy for them to understand the whole situation. The spokesperson of Chippewa Falls police said that Tate was very friendly and greeted everyone he met.

It was a great thing for everyone in the station, even the dog, who was given pats and rewards. Thankfully, the police officers called Tate’s owners who directly came to pick their dog up.

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