Man Steps In And Fights With A 350-lb Bear To Save His Dog’s Life

A man from California called Kaleb Benham did not hesitate to rescue his dog from a bear, that attacked him. The man, who adopted his pit bull Buddy, said that he’d die for his dog as he is his kid!

The 90-pound dog was attacked by a 350-pound bear on November 25. The bear dragged Buddy by his head 100 ft away from Benham. He just ran towards the bear attacking it by grabbing its head. He continued hitting it until it ran away.

Benham then took his dog to Mother Lode Veterinary Services. Buddy had a surgery as he needed stitches and staples. His head was also drained fluid.

The owner said that the bear may come back to attack Buddy again as it just wants food. What a heroic owner! Watch the video below.

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