Man Fosters Talking Dog For 2-Weeks, Falls In Love And Begs To Keep Him

Despite the shelter’s warning that Drew would get attached to Dennis, Drew chose to foster him anyway. 😍

Drew Harrisberg went to the local animal shelter hoping to adopt a dog, but the one he wanted had already been taken. As he looked through the other available options, he heard a strange squealing noise coming from a Pit Bull mix named Dennis. Despite Dennis being already booked for adoption, Drew fell in love with the talkative dog and decided to foster him for the two weeks before his adoption.

Even though the shelter warned Drew that he would become attached to Dennis, he went ahead with the fostering. As expected, Dennis was a chatterbox and quickly won Drew’s heart. When it was time to return him to the shelter, Drew couldn’t bear to do so and decided to ask the new owners if he could keep him.

Drew did the only thing he could think of… He begged the new owners to allow him to keep Drew. To find out what the new owners told Drew’s request

The video below shows what happened when Drew made his request, and it’s a must-watch for anyone looking for a heartwarming story.

Click below to watch what happens in this absolutely HEARTWARMING story of Drew!

Image/Story Source Credit: Instagram on Drew Harrisberg and TheDodo via YouTube Video

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