Mama Gorilla Melts Million Hearts When Proudly Shows Off Her Baby And Gives Forehead Kisses

At the Calgary Zoo, a mama gorilla has been going viral on social media after showing off her baby.

Actually, gorillas are not known for being playful and soft, and that’s because of what the movies like ‘Congo’, ‘King Kong’, and ‘Tarzan’ show them to us. But the truth is that they are very gentle.

It is great to see the love the gorillas share with their families despite the truth that their population has been decreasing over the last 3 decades by 80% due to the destruction and poaching of their habitat.

So, when this mama gorilla held her baby between her arms and lifted him up in the air like “The Lion King Simba”, it directly went viral as people did not used to see such a thing.

The video has gained millions of views with more than 3k comments and 600k like. How awesome! Watch the video below.

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