Longest Shelter Dog Melts Hearts When Falls Asleep Smiling After Being Finally Adopted

A one-year-old dog called Petey was transferred to SPCA Wake last year in early October after spending his whole life in a high-intake shelter in North Carolina.

Since then, Petey became the longest resident in the shelter as no one showed any interests of adopting him. The staff did their best to find him a forever home but no one cared. However, they did not give up on him and decided to do their best again to find him a forever home.

So, they shared a photo of him with his story on Facebook hoping that someone would fall in love with him and adopt him. Thankfully, the photo was seen a few weeks later by a family who came to the shelter to see Petey. It was a love from the first sight as the family directly decided to adopt Petey.

The shelter also shared a photo of Petey when he knows that he is going home. You can see his big smile on his face. The photo went viral and warmed the hearts of netizens, the shelter, and of course him family. Thankfully, the dog is now having a great life with his new family as he loves playing with his new sibling.

He also loves all people and canine he meets. That’s what love makes to anyone’s life! Watch the video below.

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