Kangaroo Show His Gratitude By Offering Handshake After Being Saved From Freezing Lake

A kangaroo was seen in Lake Burley Griffin in Canberaa by a man called David Boyd, stated Daily Mail Australia. The poor animal wasn’t able to get out of the water, that was freezing very fast.

Fortunately, 2 bystanders took thr action on themselves and intervened to save the kangaroo. They did their best not to scare the kangaroo, that started flailing its arms when they approached. However, they were able to drag the animal back to safety.

To make things even easier, another guy came to help the 2 men by lifting the kangaroo with them. He even started comforting it as it was shivering and scared.

The best moment of the rescue was that the kangaroo offered handshake to its rescuers after it was safe. Watch the video below.

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