His Eyes Full Of Pain Show She Had Given Up On Life, But Rescuers Wouldn’t Give Up On Her

This story speaks about a poor dog who was being treated badly to the point that she was so close to death. She was about giving up when she was found by some rescuers who decided to do what they could to make her healthy again.

They directly took the dog, who was named Lady, to a medical center where she was treated urgently. She was just skin and bones because of her bad life. You can see that she was in pain just from looking to her eyes. She was diagnosed with a parasitic infection after her initial exam. So, the rescuers came up with a treatment plan with lots of blood work and x-rays.

Despite needing good nutrition, medication, and a lot of help, the most important thing Lady needed was to be loved and safe. Lady showed a great transformation with love and time she was treated from her mange and was given a high-calorie diet and IV antibiotics she even started to believe in herself and in her new friends.

Her fur started to grow up again and it is very beautiful. Her rescuers said that she just wants to have another chance in life and she is ready to go to a forever home once she is completely healthy. How great the rescuers are! Watch the video below.

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