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We often hear that a dog is man’s best friend. But for those who are homeless, a dog can mean much more than just companionship. It can be their sole source of friendship and support in the world.

Having pets can benefit those who are homeless by giving them a sense of companionship and comfort. Additionally, owning a dog can provide a sense of safety as they can act as a protector against potential threats on the streets. Overall, pets can offer a sense of meaning and purpose to those who may be struggling with their living situation.

Memphis resident Anthony Rogers was distraught when his beloved dog, Bobo, disappeared for two weeks. The homeless man had rescued Bobo from a drug-infested home when he was just a puppy and the dog had become his constant companion and “lifesaver.” In his desperation, Rogers contacted all his acquaintances and put up posters all over the area in the hopes of finding Bobo.

Luckily, Rogers had a connection with Emily Ziegler from Memphis Animal Services, and she was able to identify Bobo when he arrived at the shelter. The reunion between Rogers and Bobo was filled with immense happiness.

Bobo received a range of essential services such as vaccination, spaying, and microchipping at the pound. Additionally, he was provided with a year’s worth of heart worm and flea medication. Emily Ziegler, Memphis Animal Services digital administrative clerk, expressed her satisfaction in reuniting someone with their beloved pet who had been a constant presence in their lives. She further added that Bobo will continue to be a loyal companion for the rest of his life.

The statement “It means a great deal to me” was expressed by Rogers, who also conveyed his appreciation for everyone’s time and concern towards him and his situation. A GoFundMe page was created by Rebecca Hinds and John Lewis with the aim of helping Rogers get back on his feet after his story became viral. The crowdfunding campaign has generated more than $13,000 within six weeks, which enabled Rogers and Bobo to find temporary accommodation while searching for a permanent one. The GoFundMe page reported that Rogers’ spirits and self-confidence have significantly improved, and his beloved dog, Bobo, is in good health and eating well. Both man and dog are ecstatic to be reunited.

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