Groomer Lost Her Dog, But She Is Unaware That Her Next Client Wil l Be Her New Pet

Vikki Sapp, a groomer, has lost Dirego, her dog, who has been with her for a long time. Being an animal lover left Sapp heartbroken, so, when Heather, her coworker, knew about that, she decided to help her! Heather set up a great surprise for Sapp to let her get back her happiness again.

She brought a pup, who was in need of a forever home, and let it be Sapp’s next client! While grooming the puppy and cleaning her, Sapp continued to comment about her cuteness! It was a great thing for Heather as she knew she did a great job!

Sapp was then given a “take home bag”, but she was confused as she did not have a dog! That’s when she was told that the client was her new dog! She then started crying real tears of joy! How heartwarming!

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