Ginormous Deaf Dog Anoints Herself Nanny To Seven Beagle Puppies

A wonderful foster mom took in Butter with her litter of seven beautiful puppies. Butter was so shut down that she couldn’t make eye contact. She hid beneath furniture, too afraid to face the world. Butter lived her entire life in a breeding facility and didn’t understand what life was like outside a cage.

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Jasmyne, the foster mom’s 100-pound deaf dog, loves puppies. She quickly gravitated towards the little Beagles. While Butter was still decompressing, Jasmyne took over. She became their nanny and stepped in as their pro-cuddle buddy and playmate. At first, Butter didn’t know what to think but then she learned to trust Jasmyne.

Screenshot via YouTube

The devoted dog made sure she kept a close eye on the puppies. She knew where they were at all times. Jasmyne happily lay on the ground and allowed the pups to maul her with playful love. Every morning Jasmyne woke up and went straight to “her” puppies to make sure they were all accounted for. The story continues and is too amazing to miss. Dogs truly are miraculous creatures!

Screenshot via YouTube

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